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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  May 7, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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room needs your help. >>the only online forum with a direct line to jennifer granholm. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >> join the debate now. ♪ the paul ryan-lead house budget committee voted for a plan that would protect the pentagon from mandatory budget cuts by slashing social programs like food stamps and meals on wheels. while these particular cuts to social services seem controversial today, they ash wally pail in comparison to the $5 trillion worth of cuts in paul ryan's budget for 2013.
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joining me now is david walker, who is now being promoted as a third-party can't date by the group americans elect. he is president and ceo of the come-back america initiative. thanks so much for joining us inside "the war room." >> great to be with you, governor. >> you are touted as a candidate for third-party run. you running? and if you are, i assume it's because of the current state of the candidates. do you have a shot? >> i'm not a candidate. i don't expect to be a candidate. is a draft formed for me by americans who are concerned about the gridlock in washington, d.c. this draft effort i'm appreciated and humbled by it
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but think it got started way too late. so i would prefer to do what i have said all along, to run a non-political, non-partisan issue-oriented campaign focused on fiscal responsibility, government transformation and the need for political reforms. >> you have written politicians often spread myths. give me some examples of what those myths are. >> for one thing, we haven't had a budget in three years, and even when you have a budget the congress only controls about 37% of spending, and that percentage is declining year before year. another myth is -- is that we have real trust funds. trust funds are separate and distinct legal entities. in government the trust funds that you have you can't trust
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them. they are not funded. the government wants to hold them out as assets to the beneficiaries of the programs but they don't want to count them as benefits of the u.s. government. and another thing is cuts. and last in fairness for defense, the defense department anything they deem to be a requirement is not resource constrained. requirement translates to wish list in many cases. >> well so put it in the bigger context. french president lost his recollection bid yesterday in france, and greece also has seen turnover. i'm wondering if it's a referendum on austerity and what is the truth about austerity versus stimulus? >> yes, i do a lot of work
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internationally as well. today i spoke to 700 world bank officials from all over the world, and one of the things we talked about is the recent elections in france and greece. is a difference between the short-term and structural. i think europe has tried to cut too much too past. while at the same time we vice president done enough. you need to address both. you need targeted investments to try to get the economy going, help deal with unemployment and under employment but that needs to be coupled with cuts. that mean social insurance reforms defense cuts and constraint constraints, comprehensive tax reform phased in, in an appropriate manner so you don't undercut the economy today, but
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you have a real major impact over time. >> so how important is it for the government to in addition to cutting long-term and dealing with that structural issue, to invest strategically to grow jobs? infrastructure or healthcare, et cetera? >> i think it's fully appropriate for the government to spend less on consumption. the stimulus plan was oversold to the american people so therefore didn't meet expectations which tainted the water to trying to get additional actions. i recently co-chaired a commission for the carnegie endowment, and i was the independent that is called the road to recovery report which
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talks about how do we need to revitalize surface transportation, and how do we change what we're doing and how we're funding what we're doing to help create a better future. >> fortune 500 companies said they had their most profitable year on record and yet the jobs they created were overseas specifically. what can we do to produce jobs here in the united states. >> whether we like it or not, multinational corporations don't have duties to nations, they have duties to their shareholders. so we need a tax and regulatory climate that is more certain, more competitive. we need fewer regulation, but we need to enforce the ones we have. make our tax structure more
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competitive on an international basis. we need to encourage corporations to either invest for growth in jobs we need to repatriate for the overseas dollars to be invested here in the united states and we need to do what a lot of other countries do, and that is to partner with small and medium-sized businesses to help to export. >> i'm so bummed because i want to talk to you more about this and unfortunately, we're out of time but i want to have you back so we can dive into this. david walker. let's talk for a second though about budgets and values. about how our government should
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reflect the values that we the people they represent, hold dear. so today this house committee votes to cut food aide and healthcare and other services to the needy in order to protect the defense department. they are proposing cuts to meals on wheels medicaid they are cutting food assistance even though 20% of our children in america live in poverty. you really believe in the defense department so much that one in five children go to bed hungry? is there no place for a government that is compassionate. our government is us. it's we the people. it is not separate from us. and if you think that we should have compassion then government
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help says this is who we are in our land. we don't let children go hungry. it's unacceptable. it's unacceptable for senior citizens to be denied nursing or hot meals. if you poll americans about their priorities i guarantee you they would support feeding poor children caring for seniors, and showing passion to people with disabilities. i guarantee it. those are the values in my house, my guess is they are the values in your house, but they are not the values in the rep-lead house today. in our american home we care for grandma. we don't let little ian go hungry. uncle ron gets home care cousin jeff won't have to fend for himself. he won't be on his own. that's our american family. that's who we are, and that's what our budget should reflect,
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okay. so on the campaign front, white house reporters who were trying to pin down the administration's evolving views on gar marriage but jay carney on the defensive. >> we all have seen the data that describes an evolution of views across the country on these issues. no look this president has been extremely aggressive in supporting lgbt rights. >> so how is the administration and the campaign's message on this evolves will be closely watched by everyone. for analysis of this we are joined by garofoli, and served as chief of staff to former california governor arnold schwarzenegger. welcome to you both.
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glad to have you back. >> glad to be here. >> so joe biden? >> i think the obama administration is praying for a rush limbaugh moment now. >> so you think it was a mistake. >> total mistake. a sitting president does not float a hot air balloon on this kind of issue six months before the election. this is an election about the economy and it takes them off message. >> joe, what are the activists telling you? >> there was a meeting last year that a lot of major activists went to. and many wore a button that said evolve already. because the president is overlawyering. why don't just say gay marriage.
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because jay carney is right. but on this one, he's -- he looks wishy washy. >> the gay community should back off of the president on this. they shouldn't make it a campaign issue. it hurts us when he does that. >> i have talked to pollsters and they said if the president comes at this -- using his christian values from an honest place, which he is likely to he could win this. he could say as a christian, i have considered this. and totally take the teeth out of this issue. >> it's a fascinating issue in this election. this president has been moan to make risky speeches on risky topics as well. but they also came without a campaign ad focused on the economy. take a listen.
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>> if we're not there yet. it's still too hard for too many but we're coming back because america's greatness comes from a strong middle class, because you don't quit deieierer doess ?? >ooou tnk t tt's the right message? >> absolutely. the republicans have no comeback to that message. >> well except for you are not better off than you were four years ago. >> it won't be a strong enough message. people won't turn out a sitting president on that message. >> i think it's also a tough sell to say, yeah it's not as bad as it was, but it's getting better. that's a harder sell to people who are out of work. i think it's a very very hard sell.
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>> if you can demonstrate progress that's as good as you can get in an environment like this. coming up he said i'll be back and he is right. arnold schwarzenegger is back in the news and we'll find out why. and later brett ehrlich helps himself to
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fun... indulgence... one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss. the gavin newsom show is a search engine for solutions and that's the focus. we want to focus on solutions and ways of bringing people together. collective action is the only way we're going to solve the world's great vexing problems. ♪ we have been talking about gay marriage as a campaign issue in 2012 but what can i tell us
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about the future of american politics in general. one party has continually rejected gay rights will the republican party ever evolve on the issue of gay marriage yesterday arnold schwarzenegger wrote: >> leave it to the movie star california governor to lay the smack down about ronald reagan. huh? so for some depths inside the battle within the gop, we turn again to susan kennedy, and joe garofoli, who covered arnold schwarzenegger for all of those years. let me ask you, susan, what is it about the republicans on the right that allows sort of
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principal to trump practical politics enlarging that tent? >> i think governor schwartz schwartzen anyinger was very strong on this when he was in office. and both parties have problems when they try to taught purity. >> he wrote: >> is romney the candidate that can drag the republican party to the center? >> it's more like a arnold schwarzenegger republican, if you will. [ overlapping speakers ] >> except i think he flip flopped. but republicans in california as
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a brand are dead. and they future does not look good nationally because of their stance on same-sex marriage. on the environment. they are waffling on climate change and on immigration, the fastest-growing demographic is latinos. >> one of the standard barers for the republican party is scott walker who is facing a recall tomorrow. i want you to take a listen to an ad about himself. >> walker's reforms have saved wisconsin taxpayers over $1 billion. barrett wants to undue those reforms. forward walker. backwards barrett. >> forward walker? doesn't that sound reminiscent?
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>> forward is the state slogan of wisconsin. so obama is ripping off wisconsin. >> oh, is that what it is? >> what is going to -- we're the great lake state we have battles over everything. what is the prediction with respect to walker tomorrow? does he survive or not, joe? >> i think he will survive. tom barrett beat him 19 months ago. we'll see if we has anything different. >> i agree, i think he pulls it out. >> you are kind of an expert? recall elections. >> unfortunately, yes. and it will be very tough. >> yes. you started to raise this issue about the youth voter turn out and we started this show talking about gay marriage. the issue among youth is very very strong. does romney end up suppressing a
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republican vote for youth by his position on gay marriage? >> i think the issue is going to be -- can the obama administration pull out the youth vote in any measure the way they did before and i don't think they can. i think that was an excitement to the first campaign, and i don't think he can do that again. >> wow. that is kind of doom and gloommy. >> i have to agree with her. obama was the new thing. and it's more fun for a young person to be for the new thing than the president of united states. >> now he is an incumbent politician running for recollection. >> a guy who can't make up his mind on gay marriage. >> all right. thank you both for joining us. up next brett will take cheap
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this weekend french citizens voted to end the presidency and replace him with the socialist, who is a man so bland that his nickname is the marshmallow. for some more we go to brett ehrlich. shhhh, brett's talking now. >> it's a sad day, sarkozy will no longer be president of france. hold me. he lost an election with 81% voter turnout. that is impressive involvement from a country who's national pass time is going uuuh. this is the worst face of france going along with germany since the last time france went along
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with germany. even their language is wasteful every word has like six letters you don't even pronounce. i'm not happy to see sarkozy, gosy. this guy is what i need in a french president. a 4 foot tall man who looks at butts or grope people in photo ops or better yet get completely wasted at lunch with vladimir pewten and then hold a press conference. yes, the only thing he is not doing here is going ah-ha hah, this is really the only
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collection of stereo types that is okay for me to make fun of and he is gone now. and there is nothing left to do. i'm done talking now. ♪ >> we want to hear from you. someone is always in your war room check out online at it's also where you can link up to our twitter and facebook page. we are still collecting stuff to decorate "the war room" walls. we got this fabulous one from clarence thomas for the million worker march. the one who joined us on set who is a worker fighting for justice for workers. we get people sending slogans, old bumper stickers. thank you for
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